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Företag/organisationer som TKT samarbetar med:

Awametox Consulting delivers expertise in early avoidance of drug toxicity, especially within the area of awareness/avoidance of reactive metabolites which originate from bioactivation of drugs. Awametox Consulting has developed the application SpotRM, which lets you search substructures or keywords to learn about current hypotheses of reactive metabolite formation from problem drugs.

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HepaPredict offers physiologically replicative, high-throughput compatible hepatic culture models in which primary human hepatocytes are functionally stable for multiple weeks. These features allow the system to predict human long-term drug metabolism and toxicity as well as pharmacokinetic parameters in vitro with high translational accuracy. In addition, we offer validation studies of proposed hepatic drug targets and drug screening and examination of pharmacokinetics and toxicity in diseased hepatic models.

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Inhalation Sciences is a CRO supporting enhanced preclinical and clinical research in early drug development. The company is creating a new patented development path for inhalation drug formulations and inhaler evaluation that will lead to more efficient aerosol therapies. The business concept is based on creating early predictive human pharmacokinetics (PK)- and dynamics (PD) by using only minute amounts of a compound in our precision dosing system (PreciseInhale®System).


Metasafe is a company which delivers high quality scientific data and knowledge around biotransformation in order to understand drug metabolism and to support safety risk assessment of metabolites during drug development.


Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium™, MVIC™, is a group of companies in the Skåne-Copenhagen region that have a world class expertise in the inhalation area. Our members come from leading scientific or project management positions at AstraZeneca and Novo Nordisk, and have decades of hands on experience of inhalation product development. MVIC was formed to bring together all individuals and companies with inhalation expertise in the Skåne and Copenhagen area.


PKPD Sweden provides modeling and simulation of small and large (peptides, proteins and antibodies) molecule pharmacokinetics (PK, what the body does to the drug), pharmacodynamics (PD, what the drug does to the body), PK/PD (quantifies the relationship between PK and PD) and toxicokinetics to explore concentration-effect and side effect relationships and aid study design.


Process Development (SPPD) is a national research institute within chemical and biochemical processes and pharmaceutical formulation.
– Bringing together academia and industry to solve challenges within chemical, biochemical, technical and medical applications
– Helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and academic research groups to drive ideas from the laboratory to commercial application


Truly Translational provides life science and drug development consultancy with an emphasis on biology and translational science. Our mission is to translate preclinical project ideas into efficient development plans delivering successful clinical trials.